How to add IFNA to HLOOKUP

In the HLOOKUP function, if the data is not available in the database, by default, it cannot display a sentence in the output and it shows the #NA error.

As a result, you should always use IFNA function with HLOOKUP function.

How to add IFNA to HLOOKUP?
=IFNA(HLOOKUP(A2,A5:D14,2,FALSE),"not available") ----->>>>answer is  not available

IFNA function arguments

=IFNA(Value section,Value_if_na section)
  • This function has just 2 Arguments.
  • In Value section, we can enter any value or expression or reference.
  • In Value_if_na section we can enter any value or expression or reference.
  • The arguments of IFNA function are required and not optional.

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