Xlookup multiple columns in Excel

XLOOKUP with multiple columns allows you to search for a value across multiple columns and return a corresponding value from another column. It simplifies complex lookup scenarios where traditional lookup functions like VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH fall short. XLOOKUP can handle left-to-right and right-to-left lookups, making it versatile and efficient. It eliminates the need for nested […]

Vlookup exact match only in Excel

VLOOKUP with exact match is necessary to ensure accurate and precise data retrieval. It ensures that the lookup value matches exactly with the data in the lookup table, eliminating any potential errors or mismatches. This is particularly important when dealing with sensitive or critical information where even a slight discrepancy can have significant consequences. Using […]

Count between two numbers in Excel

Counting between two numbers is important because it allows us to quantify and track the quantity or progression of objects, events, or values within a specific range. It provides a systematic way measure and compare quantities, aiding in tasks such as inventory management, data analysis, and tracking progress. Counting also helps establish order and sequence, […]

Counting cells in Excel

Counting cells in Excel is essential for data analysis, tracking, validation, reporting, and decision-making. It helps analyze data size and distribution, track occurrences of specific values, validate data entry, generate accurate reports, and make informed decisions based on data quantity and frequency. Count Total Number of Cells in a Range – Excel & Google Sheets […]

Square a number in Excel

Knowing how to square a number in Excel is crucial for various mathematical and analytical tasks. By squaring a number, you can determine the result of multiplying it by itself. Excel’s square function, =SQRT(number), allows you to easily calculate the square of a number. This knowledge is essential for computations involving areas, volumes, statistics, and […]

Calculate tenure in Excel

Calculating tenure in Excel is important for various purposes such as analyzing employee retention, tracking membership duration, or monitoring customer loyalty. By calculating tenure, you can determine how long someone has been associated with a particular entity. This information helps in making informed decisions, identifying trends, and evaluating performance. Excel’s date functions and simple arithmetic […]

Fiscal year formula in Excel

The fiscal year Excel formula is useful for financial analysis and reporting. It helps in organizing and categorizing financial data based on a specific fiscal year, which may differ from the calendar year. This formula allows businesses to align their financial records with their operational cycles, budgeting, and forecasting processes. It simplifies calculations involving fiscal […]