How to Count specific words in a range

In the following example, as you can see in the photo, Count specific words in a range can be identified by the EXACT and SUMPRODUCT functions.

How to Count specific words in a range
=SUMPRODUCT(--EXACT("word",A2:A10)) ----->>>>answer is 2

EXACT function

The EXACT function is one of the TEXT functions of Excel.

It checks whether two text strings are exactly the same, and returns TRUE or FALSE. EXACT is case-sensitive.

EXACT arguments

The EXACT function has arguments:

1. Text1 is the first text string.

2. Text2 is the second text string.


The SUMPRODUCT function is one of the math functions of Excel.

It Returns the sum of the products of corresponding ranges or arrays.

SUMPRODUCT arguments

This function has just 1 Argument:

The argument of SUMPRODUCT function is number.

The argument of SUMPRODUCT function is required and not optional.

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