How to find a specific value in Excel table

Imagine We want to find the height, age, and weight of a person named “Elijah” from the following data.

How to find a specific value in a Excel table
=XLOOKUP(H5,A5:A14,B5:B14)----->>>>answer is  22
=XLOOKUP(H5,A5:A14,C5:C14)----->>>>answer is  198
=XLOOKUP(H5,A5:A14,D5:D14)----->>>>answer is  185
=XLOOKUP(H5,A5:A14,E5:E14)----->>>>answer is  175

XLOOKUP function

XLOOKUP function searches a range or an array for a match and returns the corresponding item from a second range or array.

XLOOKUP arguments 

XLOOKUP(Lookup value,Table_array,Return_array,If_not_found,Match_mode)

This function has just 5 Arguments:

Lookup value is the value to search for.

Table_array is the array or range to search.

Return_array is the array or range to return.

If_not_found is returned if no match is found.

Match_mode specifies how to match lookup_value against the values in lookup_array.

Match_mode and If_not_found arguments of XLOOKUP function are optional.

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