Excel GROWTH Function

What is GROWTH function in Excel?

The GROWTH function is one of the Statistical functions of Excel.

It returns numbers in an exponential growth trend matching known data points.

We can find this function in Statistical category of insert function Tab.

How to use GROWTH function in excel

  1. Click on an empty cell (like F5).
 an empty cell in excel

2. Click on the fx icon (or press shift+F3).

fx icon in excel

3. In the insert function tab you will see all functions.

function list in excel

4. Select STATISTICAL category.

5. Select GROWTH function.

6. Then select ok.

excel GROWTH function

7. In the function arguments Tab you will see GROWTH function.

8. Known_ys is the set of y-values you already know in the relationship y = b*m^x, an array or range of positive numbers.

9. Known_xs is an optional set of x-values that you may already know in the relationship y = b*m^x, an array or range the same size as Known_y’s.

10. New_xs are new x-values for which you want GROWTH to return corresponding y-values.

11. Const is a logical value: the constant b is calculated normally if Const = TRUE; b is set equal to 1 if Const = FALSE or omitted.

12. You will see the results in the formula result section.

Examples of GROWTH function in Excel

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