How to get week number from date

In the following example, as you can see in the below photo, we get the week number identified by the WEEKNUM function.

How to get week number from date
=WEEKNUM(9/18/2022,1) ----->>>>answer is  39
=WEEKNUM(10/19/2022,2) ----->>>>answer is 43
=WEEKNUM(11/20/2022,1) ----->>>>answer is  48
=WEEKNUM(12/21/2022,2) ----->>>>answer is  52
=WEEKNUM(8/22/2022,1) ----->>>>answer is  35

WEEKNUM function

The WEEKNUM function is one of the Date & Time functions of Excel.

It Returns the week number in the year.

WEEKNUM Arguments 

This function has 2 Arguments:

  1. Serial number is the date-time code used by Microsoft Excel for date and time calculation.
  2. Return_type is a number (1 or 2) that determines the type of return value.
  • Serial number argument of WEEKNUM function is number.
  • The Return_type argument of WEEKNUM function is a number.
  • The Serial number argument of WEEKNUM function is required and not optional.
  • The Return_type argument of WEEKNUM function is not required and is optional.

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