Keyboard Shortcuts for Dashboard Design

list of shortcuts when designing reports or dashboards in Excel:

To do thisPress
Copies selected cellsCTRL + SHIFT + C
 Paste Plain Text CTRL + SHIFT + V
selects all cellsCTRL + A
opens the Format Cells windowCTRL + 1
repeats your last command or actionF4
Draw a Straight Line (from shapes)SHIFT + MOUSE
add bullet pointALT + 7
scroll to the start and end of each rangeCTRL + MOUSE + ARROW KEY
Move Chart horizontally or vertically (snap into grid)SHIFT + MOUSE
Start a new line of text inside a cellALT + ENTER
move through a worksheetCTRL + ARROW KEY
scroll to the start and end of each rangeCTRL + SHIFT + ARROW KEY
Move to the previous/next sheet in the workbookCTRL + PAGE DOWN / UP
Edit formulaF2
Change cell reference between absolute and relative (formula bar)F4
UndoCTRL + Z
check and debug formulasF9
copy formatting more than onceCLICK + CLICK FORMAT PAINTER
Open ClipboardCTRL + C + C

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