Excel N Function

What is N function in Excel?

The N function is one of the Information functions of Excel.

It Converts non-number values to a number, dates to serial numbers, TRUE to 1, and anything else to 0 (zero).

We can find this function in Information of insert function Tab.

How to use N function in excel

  1. Click on an empty cell (like F5).
empty cell in excel

2. Click on the fx icon (or press shift+F3).

fx icon in excel

3. In the insert function tab you will see all functions.

insert function tab in excel

4. Select Information category.

5. Select N function

6. Then select ok.

excel N function

7. In the function arguments Tab you will see N function.

8. Value section is the value you want to be converted.

9. You will see the results in the formula result section.

How to use N function in excel

Examples of N function in Excel

Examples of ISTEXT function in Excel

N related functions

  • T function
  • Use NA function to return the error value =NA (value not available).

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